About UThink

UThink offers independent and interactive courses for teachers. Earn endorsements and participate in Professional Development opportunities with online classes that meet state and standards. With flexible online schedules, UThink is cost-effective and time-saving.

Under the direction of Eileen Carr,

Eileen Carr, Ph.D., M.A. Ed, M.Ed., has over thirty years of experience as an elementary school teacher and teacher educator, with specialties in reading comprehension, writing, reading intervention and TESOL education. Dr. Carr is the developer of a number of research-based instructional strategies that make thinking and literacy processes visible to students. These strategies include: Personal clues, Vocabulary Overview Guide, KWL Plus, About Point Notetaking, About Point Writing Response, Inferential Training Technique, Questions Clues Response, Thinking Minds and Comprehension and Vocabulary Summarization. Dr. Carr has authored books and articles on the use of strategies to promote reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking.

In addition to developing and directing the UThink program, Dr. Carr is the creator of Thinking Works and Reading Works, programs which provide comprehensive instructional frameworks and lessons for teaching comprehension, word recognition and fluency. She is also a co-author of Teaching Comprehension: A Systematic and Practical Framework with Lessons and Strategies.


Dr. Judythe Patberg

Dr. Judythe Patberg has taught literacy courses for thirty years. She has authored and co-authored numerous articles which have been published in several journals, including The Journal of Reading Behavior and Reading Research Quarterly. In addition to teaching and writing, Dr. Patberg has trained tutors to work with adult learners at Read for Literacy in Toledo, Ohio and literacy specialists in northwest Ohio as part of the Ohio Department of Education Field Faculty Network in Literacy Education.

Dr. Patberg is a co-author of Teaching Comprehension: A Systematic and Practical Framework with Lessons and Strategies and co-developer of the UThink program.