Professional Development

Because of its unique design, UThink offers university coursework and Professional Development through the use of online seminars that help teachers translate research into classroom practice.  The seminars provide options for differentiated pathways for both professional development and matriculation in graduate programs.

  • One pathway is for individuals who want to obtain the Reading and/or the TESOL Endorsement.
  • Another pathway is for school districts that can use university endorsements to train in-house teacher leaders and coaches to support continuous and cost-effective professional development.
  • A final pathway is for teachers who wish to study specific topics independently.

The seminars are very adaptive to both individual and district needs.

Reading Endorsement and TESOL Endorsement courses consist of three seminars, the first of which is self-paced without an instructor.  These seminars can be accessed for a nominal fee under the UThink Professional Development program.   Professional Development seminars are archived so that educators may apply specific seminars to course work at a later date.  Additional seminars, not attached to endorsements, are available for Professional Development only. Our current Professional Development seminars are listed below.

Professional Development Seminars associated with Reading Endorsement

  • Foundations of Literacy - Word Recognition Seminar (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Fluency)
  • Diagnosis of Reading Abilities - The Science of Reading Diagnosis and Early Literacy Assessment
  • Content Area Reading - Comprehension Strategies Instruction
  • Reading Intervention – Word Recognition Intervention Model

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Professional Development Seminars associated with TESOL Endorsement

  • Issues in TESOL Education – Science of TESOL Instruction
  • Instructional Methods in TESOL Education – Listening, Viewing & Oral Communication
  • Principles & Applications in TESOL Education – First & Second Language Acquisition
  • Internship in TESOL-ELL Education – Comprehension Strategies Instruction & Assessment for ELL

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Additional Professional Development Seminars

  • Bullying:  Prevention and Intervention
  • Integrating Common Core State Standards with Instruction

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