• "I certainly feel that I am learning a lot! I really like the structured phonics activities and I wish I had more time in my Title classes for more of those activities with the children who are really struggling. I have been incorporating more Make a Word and Word Sort/Pick Up activities. I really like the Autograph Reading concept. I have a “running list” of things that I want to try from the beginning next year – that is one of them. I enjoy “echo reading” and the vocabulary strategies. Thanks for all your support. "

    -- Linda,
    Columbus, Ohio

  • "Thank you for your knowledge and support throughout the course. I’ve learned a great deal in such a short period of time. "

    -- Steph,
    Piketon, Ohio

  • "Thanks Dr. Carr. I have learned so much and recommend this program to several people. I found that the classes we had in the fall really prepared me well to take the Praxis. I took it in February and passed with quite a high score. I look forward to taking what we’ve learned this year and utilizing it in my own classroom in the future. "

    -- Anita,
    Columbus, Ohio

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the Foundations of Literacy course. The class was informative, and I was able to integrate valuable teaching ideas right into my classroom. "

    -- Heather,
    Oak Harbor, Ohio

  • "I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your classes! I like the way information was presented, and I am amazed how much I have learned in a short amount of time. "

    -- Wendy,
    Toledo, Ohio