UThink Flexibility, Affordability, Quality Courses

Course Flexibility

The online seminars deliver content, including internships, that supports different pathways for learning. Some of the seminars are designed to be completed independently, while others are designed to be interactive. The independent seminars allow students to learn specific introductory curriculum at a flexible pace with built-in feedback. The interactive seminars create opportunities for instructors and students to work collaboratively on advanced learning which promotes flexible thinking. The structure of the independent and interactive seminars allows modules to be used for varied purposes, including university coursework and continuing Professional Development. In addition, the seminars provide options for use in all fields for classes and endorsements. Students can archive their coursework so that it is accessible for lifelong learning.


The cost of enrolling in the seminars for coursework or Professional Development is significantly lower than that of other universities. There is only one rate, with no additional fees attached. The specific seminars stack into coursework creating a systematic, comprehensive pathway for career-long professional learning. The Open Source software provides current, top-of-the-line, inexpensive models for online learning.

Quality Courses

The content for all of the seminars is current and developed and taught by experts in each field of study. The seminars are designed around a research-based framework of learning developed to transform learning through application and extension of knowledge. They embed instructional strategies and use of technology. All of the courses, endorsements and programs meet Common Core, state and professional standards. New professional learning opportunities are designed and can be customized to meet the constituents’ needs. A resource library of learning objects and modules are available for student use. The learning management system is easy to use and navigate because of the following characteristics:

  1. Students receive timely technical support;
  2. They have available to them networks of learning; and
  3. Students receive exemplary service from the faculty.