The resources on UThink are available for teachers participating in the UThink programs as well as individuals involved in the education of students.   Resources may be used for personal or classroom use only. Permission for use does not apply to general distribution or for creating new works or for resale. 

Comprehension Strategies 

Comprehension strategies teach students the thinking processes that are crucial to learning. Click on the links to access strategy explanations with fillable graphics and readings about comprehension development.

Interactive Comprehension Lessons

Click on the links to access interactive lessons which help children develop their reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking abilities.

Word Recognition and Fluency Strategies

Word recognition and fluency are essential to understanding and using information flexibly. Click on the buttons to access strategy explanations at four age and grade levels, readings about word recognition and fluency development and informal assessments.

Strategy Explanations and Materials by Grade Level

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Intervention/Tutoring Lessons

Click on the buttons below to access tutoring strategies and materials for classroom and in-home use.  Presentations can be found in English, Spanish and Arabic.

For Grades 1 & 2

For Grades 3 & Up